Friday/ the National Park Service turns 100

Cake smOn Aug 25, it was 100 years to the day since Congress had passed legislation that brought the National Parks Service into being.   All is not well in paradise, though.  There are money troubles. From the Washington Post : The natural beauty of the parks is unquestioned, but the human touches that make them accessible aren’t all pretty. The system faces a $12 billion maintenance shortfall that has left such entities as bridges and restrooms in disrepair. Yellowstone’s backlog alone is $603 million with crumbling roads, buildings and wastewater systems. Congress has declined to provide funding needed for fixes that have lingered for more than a decade.

P.S. Check out this cute sleeping bear that the NPS tweeted out. I want to go to sleep just like that.

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This graphic from the Wall Street Journal, shows the key numbers related to the National Parks Service. (Man! That’s a lot of Volunteers, the 221,000).

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