Friday/ I guess I literally don’t get it

8-13-2016 9-25-10 AM
From’s website. Around and around it goes. With September coming up – will Trump say that Obama recruited the terrorists that carried out the Sept 11 attacks?

Those of us that watch a lot of cable news here in the States (me) were ‘treated’ to another week of incendiary remarks made by Donald Trump on the campaign trail.  It was not enough to insult the mother of a fallen soldier (side note : Trump dodged the draft five times during the Viet Nam War).  Let’s troll for even more attention by calling on gun-owners to ‘mayIMG_5355be do something, I don’t know (shrug shoulders)’ about Hillary Clinton getting elected, and appointing Supreme Court judges we do not like.

Hmm, and what else?  Yes.  We will say President Obama founded ISIS, and Hillary co-founded it.  And double-down on it the next day, say I meant it ‘literally*’, and then walk it back on Friday as ‘sarcasm’.

*Literally means : exactly, precisely, actually, really, truly.

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