Friday/ ready or not (let the Games begin)

8-6-2016 2-17-36 PM
The Swiss team entered sans their superstar tennis player Roger Federer. (He is recovering from a knee injury). This tweet is from Roger Federer’s Twitter account.
8-6-2016 2-16-13 PM
Here’s another tweet from Federer, celebrating Swiss National Day which was August 1. (Yes, I’m coming for you, some time soon, Switzerland. I have eaten too much of your chocolate not to make it out there in person to check out the postcard perfect scenery, and to take the train going through the new Gotthard Base Tunnel).

I watched most of the opening ceremony on Friday night (brought to us tape-delayed and stuffed with commercials by NBC here in the USA).  It was not Beijing 2008 or London 2012, but still a great show.

And I actually like watching the ‘delegations’ of athletes with their flags from of all of the world coming into the stadium.


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