Friday/ too much ‘breaking news’

7-16-2016 10-33-17 AM
Turkey is not part of the EU. Negotiations to join started in 2005, but Turkey’s spotty human rights record is an obstacle.

[From Wikipedia] I love this aerial picture of the Bosphorus Bridge: the oldest of three suspension bridges connecting the European and Asian sides of the Bosphorus strait in Istanbul. It was inaugurated on the 50th anniversary of the Turkish Republic in 1973. The Marmaray railway tunnel under the Bosphorus entered service on the 90th anniversary of the Turkish Republic in 2013.
Alright, another week with a little too much ‘breaking news’ of the bad kind, with the terrible event in Nice, France, and the bloody coup attempt – that had apparently failed – in Turkey. (I say all of this knowing that there are on-going wars elsewhere in the world, that are no lober considered ‘news’).   The events in Turkey made me look it up in Wikipedia, and check out the Bosphorus Bridge that was closed for awhile by the Turkish Army.

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