There was heart-breaking coverage 6-13-2016 10-51-56 PMof the family and friends of the victims today on TV.  A tearful, anguished mom told Matt Lauer on the Today Show this morning that she had not yet heard from her son Christopher; had gone by all the area hospitals, and had still not found him or found word of him.  (Christopher’s name was added to an official list of victims released by the city of Orlando at 1.20 pm on Monday).

Congressman Jim Hines from Connecticut walked out in protest when (yet another) minute of silence for gun-violence victims* was called for on the House floor by Speaker Paul Ryan.   *The USA ranks No 12 on a world list of per capita gun deaths, just behind Burundi, a war-torn African country that the US State department warns travelers not to go to.

On the Presidential campaign trail, Hillary Clinton urged Americans to stand together, while Donald Trump renewed his call for a ban on Muslim migration into the United States, and intoned several times that Pres. Obama ‘knew something more’ (I’m paraphrasing). When the Washington Post reported that Donald Trump seems to connect President Obama to Orlando shooting, he revoked Washington Post journalists’ press credentials : they can no longer attend his rallies or interview him.  So much for freedom of the press in Mr Trump’s world.

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