Wednesday/ basketball and Bernie

Check out this political cartoon (by Matt Wuerker; I found it on   Bernie Sanders received a hero’s welcome in his hometown of Burlington, Vermont, today.  He vowed last night ‘to go all the way’ to the Democratic Party’s National Convention in Philadelphia in July to try to make his case to be the nominee.

Well, the math is utterly against him.  He does not have the number of pledged delegates from the primaries, nor the support of the so-called super-delegates that he needs.   The cartoon is also a reference to the 2016 NBA Finals that are underway : the Golden State Warriors vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers. Stephen Curry from the Warriors has made such a name for himself with his 3-point shots that some analysts have called him the greatest shooter in NBA history. Finally : there is no 7-point shot in basketball.  Yes, there is one more primary election (Washington D.C), the two seconds on the clock, but the cartoonist says the game is effectively over.

Two seconds on the clock. 3×7 points is 21 and would give Bernie a 120-119 victory.  Alas, such a feat is quite impossible! 

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