Friday/ Copenhagen mementos

Here are some of my mementos from my trip.   I love foreign coins and banknotes, and foreign stamps as well.

IMG_5071 sm
Danish krone coins from left to right : one, two, five, ten, twenty. Exchange rate is 6.5 DKK to 1 USD. The 5 Kronor coin on top is from Sweden. Something tells me we will never, ever put holes in our coins in the USA – but I believe the holes are practical, to help blind people distinguish the ones, twos and fives from the tens and twenties.
16040730 sm
This is the entrance of ‘Danmarks Nationalbank’ on Havnegade 5, Copenhagen. It took me awhile to find it. Inside, it is like a World War II bunker, but with greenery and orchids in glass cases. This is where I bought a set of Danish proof coins.
IMG_5074 sm
And here is a collection of Danish bank notes. There is a 1,000 DKK note as well, but these are not in general circulation, and a little hefty at $US 153 equivalent to hold on to as a souvenir.
IMG_5072 sm
Here’s my Copenhagen Card, good for any public transport for 72 hrs. It was a little pricey at DKK 629/ US$ 96, but very convenient. It gives discounts to places like museums and the zoo, but I ended up not going to any of those. The stamps are all the nicest ones that the convenience store had to sell me. That’s Margrethe II of Denmark on the first one.

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