Monday/ in the nick of time

Kris Jenkins’ buzzer-beating 3-pointer won Villanova its second-ever national championship. Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

There was an epic finish to the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s annual basketball tournament tonight : Villanova defeated North Carolina 77-74 thanks to a game winning 3-pointer from Kris Jenkins in the 2016 National Championship game.   The final points were made in the final second of the game. Check out the sequence of frames below, that shows the clock running down in tens of seconds, then the buzzer starts with the ball in the air, and it makes it through just before the buzzer stops.  I guess the championship games are not called March Madness for nothing.

1 sec
1.0 sec
0.6 sec
0.6 sec
0.3 sec
0.3 sec
0 sec .. the buzzer starts
0.0 sec .. game time is over. the buzzer starts, with the red lights flashing –
0 secs .. buzzer is on
0.0 secs .. buzzer is on, the lights are still flashing –
0 sec .. the buzzer stops and the game is over
the buzzer stops and the game is over.  The Villanova supporters erupt and storm onto the court, of course!

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