Thursday/ the caves of Dunhuang

(This picture from the Getty Museum’s website). It is the main chamber of Cave 85 at the end of a conservation effort. These paintings are very, very old and date back to the late Tang dynasty ( 618–907 A.D.).

There is a roaming display of artwork from the caves of Dunhuang on display at the Seattle Art Museum.  The exhibit contains Buddhist artwork and photographs of the caves of Dunhuang, an ancient and strategic location on the Silk Road. (The Silk Road is a network of trade routes that linked the Roman Empire with China for the trade of silk, spices and other commodities such as cotton and jade).   A photojournalist called James C.M. Lo, and his wife Lucy, made several arduous journeys to the caves in 1943 during World War II, to systematically photograph the interiors and exteriors of the caves, and to draw attention to their historical significance.

IMG_3625 sm
The entrance to the Seattle Art Museum in Volunteer Park. There is a display of artwork and pictures, of the Dunhuang caves inside.
The trade routes of the Silk Road. Dunhuang is just above the white patch of Himalayan snow on the map.

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