Monday/ Presidents’ Day

Well ! It has been an eventful Presidents’ Day weekend.  The country learned on Saturday that one of the nine Supreme Court of the United States had died (Antonin Scalia, of an apparent heart attack, at the age of 79).  On Saturday night, there was a raucous debate among the six (down from 17) Republican candidates for the 2016 Presidential nomination. Donald Trump slaughtered a sacred Republican cow by accusing former Pres. George W. Bush of lying about weapons of mass destruction, and of not keeping the country safe – since 9/11 happened on his watch.  (The word lying or lie was used so many times in the debate that it must be some kind of record).    And then to top it all off, former Pres. George W. Bush made his first big appearance in public since leaving office, to campaign for his younger brother’s sinking Presidential campaign in South Carolina.   Once deemed the inevitable candidate against the presumable Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, the campaign of Jeb Bush now seems to be completely doomed.   The Bushes are very well regarded in South Carolina, a state with air force bases, army bases, marine core bases and navy bases (!) .. but all of that still appears not to be good enough to make a difference for the Jeb Bush campaign.  Forecasters give Trump a 73% chance of winning the SC primary and Bush all the way down in 4th or 5th place with a 1% moonshot.

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