Monday/ the Year of the Monkey starts

Here it is : the Year of the Monkey starts today in the twelve-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac.   People born in the Year of the Monkey are characterized as lively, quick-witted, curious, innovative and mischievous – but it is also believed to be one of the most unlucky years in the Chinese calendar !

IMG_2731 sm
The little white monkey is a porcelain bell that I was given in Tokyo when I bought some $50 of items at a store (in some ways much nicer than discounts or cash back or points on one’s account, is it not?) .. and the US Postal Service stamps for the 2016 Chinese Lunar New Year were issued just on Friday.  If I had my way, thought, I would put a BIG MONKEY on the stamp (it does have a small gold one in the top left corner), and not something as silly as a flower.

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