Saturday/ next stop : New Hampshire

2-7-2016 9-05-03 PM
Massachusetts in the farthest north I have been on the United States east coast. I would love to go and see what Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine look like.

The next stop in the 2016 US Presidential race is the New Hampshire Primary, also known as the first-in-the-nation primary. (The Iowa primary was a caucus and technically not a primary election where people cast a vote).

To that end, there was another Republican presidential debate :’a bit like the final act of a horror film’, says this BBC reporter Anthony Zurcher. ‘The monster had already eaten half the teens at the summer camp, and those left were wondering who was next to go.  Some of the candidates seemed like they were ready to fight.  Some of them looked like they wanted to hide or run.  And Ben Carson acted like he didn’t care whether the monster got him or not’.

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