Tuesday/ a really big one

We1-13-2016 7-44-40 AM have quite an outrageous lottery drawing prize in the making here in the United States Powerball lottery for Wednesday night : $1.5 billion. Whoah. (The result of 19 drawings with no winning numbers).   As the website twocents put it : You have a better chance of getting hit by lightning in a frog thunderstorm than you do winning the Powerball, but hey, it’s always fun to play billionaire.  

Winning would invite all kinds of problems, of course.  (Mostly good ones!  .. such as how to invest tens of millions of dollars at a pop.  What kind of new house to buy, and where? Or how to help family members without losing half the money you give them to taxes .. for example, there is an annual limit of $14,000 on gifts before a form of gift taxes kick in).

Here’s a picture of ‘Joe Schmoe’ winning the $1.5 billion lottery (an event much less likely than getting struck by lightning), from the website http://twocents.lifehacker.com/.

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