Thursday/ 2015, the year that was

Alright!  It is almost time to kick 2015 – the-year-that-was – out the back door here in the far eastern time zones of the globe.  Sydney is three hours ahead of Perth still, so it will be 2016 in that part of Australia by the time I board my flight tonight to start heading back to the USA.  I am actually making a stop in Hong Kong again, and then I will overnight in Tokyo on New Year’s Day evening before heading home.

IMG_1938 sm
We stopped by IKEA Perth this morning (Swedish ready-to-assemble furniture maker) this morning, where I spotted this cute stuffed toy pig. For my Afrikaans readers : I looked up ‘Knorrig’, thought it may be Swedish for ‘grumpy’ the same way it is for Afrikaans – but it does not seem to mean anything specific in Swedish.


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