Monday/ ok .. if I must (wear a Fitbit)

Would I like to participate in my firm’s teamFitbitChargeHRWirelessActivityWristband sm fitness competition? inquired my colleague. The firm will throw in a free Fitbit*.  I was still um-ing and ah-ing when they signed me up anyway, and now I have a Fitbit around my wrist.   I will give it a try for a week or two (but what do I do with my favorite Seiko wristwatch? maybe I will try to wear both).

Check out the sample sleep pattern below, collected by a Fitbit.  It’s clear that time in bed is NOT EQUAL to time asleep!  Fitbit does not count ‘restless’ or ‘awake’ time.  There is a little accelerometer in the band that measures activity. So all the sleeper has to do is wear the band, and tap it for a second or two to when he/ she goes to sleep.

*A very popular fitness tracker-gadget worn around the wrist that tracks one’s physical activity, and even one’s sleep patterns.


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