Wednesday/ another Republican debate

There was another Republican presidential debate last night, and I watched some of it. I guess it was entertaining (in the way that clowns are); at the same time it was really unsettling to me, to think that one of these guys (or Ms. Carly Fiorina) could become President in 2016.  Donald Trump was much quieter than usual and Jeb Bush had a really bad night.  An all-out attack he made on his erstwhile protégé Sen. Marco Rubio backfired so badly, that the broad consensus among pundits now is that his candidacy is all but dead.   Amazingly, the 2016 US Presidential general election is still a full year away.

Donald Trump and Ben Carson are the Republican frontrunners .. but why that is, is hard to say for the cartoonist, and for me.    The campaigns of Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are coming to life though, and things may start to change soon.

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