Saturday/ a socialist’s campaign

One of our Democratic Party 2016 presidential candidates – Bernie Sanders – is a democratic socialist. (As opposed to a socialist.  Sanders isn’t pushing for government to take over large sections of the economy.  He does want the government to pay for health care and college tuition to a much larger extent, even for college tuition to be free, and for rich people to pay more taxes).

Further out to the left on the political spectrum here in the race for one of the seats for Seattle City Council, we have a true socialist : Kshama Sawant (as far as I can tell from her eye-catching Soviet-era red* campaign posters).    *A bad choice of color? Or maybe she wants people to see red.   Check ’em out below.  Comcast is a cable TV and internet services provider.

IMG_0124 sm IMG_0128 sm IMG_0127 sm IMG_0125 sm

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