Saturday/ the new iPhones are coming

9-13-2015 2-10-18 PM
Available finishes for the iPhone 6s.

Apple has announced their new iPhone lineup at the geek hootenanny* known as Apple’s September Event last week.  I am going to spring for a new iPhone as soon as these are out, and I will have to choose between 6s and the bigger 6s Plus.  I will pick the smaller one I think, and then what finish color? .. probably again Space Gray. There’s Silver, Gold, Space Gray and Rose Gold (read : Pink! so no. Not for men, I would argue).  For some reason I have never liked gold for watch faces and watch bands, and so Gold is out, leaving the Silver, with its white bezel.

The other color to pick is the phone’s leather case and it’s really between black and a brown for me. Black is classic but maybe a little boring.    So .. Space Gray with Black bezel & Black Case or Silver with White Bezel & Brown case.

*An old country word for ‘party’, used in a Bloomberg Businessweek article that describes the tremendous engineering and design effort that went into the new 3D Touch and other features that come with the new phones.

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