Thursday/ the long road to Nov 8, 2016 starts

The first of the Presidential debates started tonight here in the USA with the 17 – seventeen!  – candidates for the Republican party squaring off in two groups.   I had the TV on and listened with half an ear.  Republicans have a very different world view from mine!  And was there anything really new?  Not really.  Cut taxes, repeal Obamacare, make war with the Middle East.  Maybe I’m being a little unfair .. there were brief exchanges on a number of other topics too.  Jeb Bush defended the Common Core standards for schools that he is a proponent for.  John Kasich had to ‘defend’ his expansion of Medicaid in his home state of Ohio.  Mr. Trump had to defend the four bankruptcies his businesses had gone through, and awful comments he had made in the past about women from his Twitter account.

The cartoonist actually drew each of the candidates .. there’s Donald Trump with the hair in the middle, looks like Jeb Bush on his left, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker on his right, then Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz. This cartoon was drawn before Ohio Governor John Kasich announced his candidacy, so there’s only 16 candidates in the line-up. P.S. GOP stands for Grand Old Party .. a party that is now 148 years old.

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