Saturday/ Google’s monster move

It’s not everyday that a giant company’s stock price jumps up by 16%, but that is what happened to Google on Friday. The  Google’s Class A shares gained $97.84 to close at $699.62 to leave the company with a market value of about $469 billion.  (That’s still a distant second among U.S. companies to Apple, whose market value stands about $747 billion).

P.S.  Try these two Google search ‘Easter Eggs’ .. type in a search for ‘do a barrel roll’, and another for ’tilt’, and see what happens.

7-20-2015 12-01-08 AM
Article from the Wall Street Journal showing the big jump in Google’s share price.
7-20-2015 12-04-53 AM sm
Google’s market cap gain on Friday was more than the entire market value of H-P, Netflix or Yahoo.


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