Saturday/ Adios, Mofo

Heaven help us, says this book – if anti-government governor of Texas Rick Perry makes it to be the next President of the United States.

The political pundits here in the States are already tracking the (so-far) 2016 Presidential candidates’ every move and appearance.   On Saturday little-known (nation-wide) Martin O’Malley announced his bid as well (he was governor of the state of Maryland). There are many more Republicans than Democrats at this point .. with ex-Texas governor Rick Perry weighing his options as well.    I did not know about his ‘Adios, Mofo’ comment directed at a journalist that grilled him about lack of school funding in Texas that he made when he thought his mike was off after the interview.  The phrase is the title of a 2011 book about his disastrous legacy in Texas. From the book :   .. The two words reveal as much about Rick Perry as his whole sorry record in Texas.  He has led Texas to a point where it has the highest number of citizens under 25 years of age without high school diplomas as a consequence of the worst dropout rate in the country, has the largest population of uninsured in the nation along with the most children without healthcare coverage, the worst polluted air, according to the EPA, is along the lowest per capita income and is home to some of the poorest counties in America, is criss-crossed with crumbling roads and declining railways, gives support to consistent political attempts to block a woman’s right to choose, raised college tuition rates beyond the reach of middle class families, and sustains a State Board of Education that is determined to put religion in textbooks and teach evolution as a ‘theory’.  

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Here’s a run-down of the current would-be Presidents, from a New York Times article.



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