Tuesday/ defect resolution

We are wrapping up the third of four cycles of testing, and have plenty of defects that the testing team had logged, to sift through and resolve.   Some defects are small coding bugs; others are combinations of bad data and missing system checks that are not catching the data flaws early enough.   Finally – some ‘defects’ that had been logged are not really defects, but features that never made it into the design.

Example, using a car as a metaphor for a software product : testing the factory installed brakes of a prototype car may prove that they are a little too sharp and need adjustment (a defect), but the car not having an anti-lock braking system (ABS) is not a defect if the engineering design of the braking system never called for it !

From left to right (from HP Quality Center’s home page) : Start with a functional specification that includes flow charts; build the code; test it; install and use it ! (If only it were as quick and simple as it sounds! ).


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