Saturday/ the problem with wormholes

An exact mathematical plot of a Lorentzian wormhole (Schwarzschild wormhole), featured on Wikipedia’s page for wormholes.

We watched ‘Interstellar’ on Saturday. It’s a 2014 science fiction-space travel movie that features Earth running out of food (think 1930s-type Dust Bowl scenes) and a group of scientists embarking on interstellar travel trying to save the human race.  The movie also features a giant wormhole.   Wormholes are fantastic science-fiction constructs, also called Einstein-Rosen bridges (postulated by Einstein and Rosen in 1935). Theoretically they allow accelerated travel from one point in the universe to another very many light years away.  There are many problems, though : even if wormholes exist for any measurable length of time, their dimensions are thought to be on the Planck scale (sub-atomic size) .. so by 35 orders of magnitude not large enough for humans and certainly not for large enough for spaceships.

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