Wednesday/ the integration test challenge

So!  January, February and March of 2015 have come and are how gone.  It’s already April and the weeks are rushing by remorselessly as we approach the middle of the year – and our targeted system go-live date of late July.  We are preparing for the third of four cycles of integration testing*, and we’re now reaching the point where we jettison some of the unfinished parts of the design.   I have worked on many of these SAP implementation projects, and that is just the way it is.  Time to face reality for some parts of the solution.  Not going to make everything happen, not going to have perfectly cleaned up data.  We are rapidly running out of time.

*I see some software bloggers say that the ubiquitous term integration testing is actually very troublesome and hard to pin down – and that it really should be called high-value testing.  One can only select a very few typical scenarios to test in a limited time.  I think I agree with that.

4-9-2015 10-12-21 PM
An extract from a blog post from ‘The Code Whisperer’, illustrating the complexity of testing modern software applications in an integrated way.


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