Sunday/ freedom or discrimination?

I have only been to Indiana a few times, many years ago.   I would fly into and out of Evansville in its far southwestern corner – to drive across the border to Weyerhauser Company’s paper mill in Henderson, Kentucky.   So after all this time, I just had to check out the map of Indiana again.   There is quite a media firestorm over the State Assembly there passing a ‘Religious Freedom Restoration Act’ that allows businesses to refuse service to customers based on their (the business’) religious beliefs.   Example : a florist can refuse to deliver flowers to a gay wedding.  (Yes, believe it or not : same-sex marriage has been legally recognized in Indiana since October 7, 2014).  Is this such a big deal?  Just go to another florist instead, if you are ‘Adam and Steve’.  Well, it’s bad for public relations and it paints the state as unwelcoming and intolerant.

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