Friday/ ‘business me’ and ‘personal me’

WillemAldrich Formal PwC Advisory USA sm
Hello! I’m all business. May I set your SAP system up for you?

I finally have my new Lenovo T440s (my work computer) more or less set up.  My Firm is slowly migrating us to Google’s G-mail and other cloud-based services such as Google Drive for storage and Google Docs for office work.

It’s a massive undertaking for a Firm with 160,000 employees world-wide.  Since I already had a personal G-mail account, I now have two G-mail accounts with aliases for myself : the ‘business me’ and the ‘personal me’.  For each user I had to set up a separate Chrome browser profile as well. Mercifully, I could create two different desktop shortcuts and now Chrome knows which ‘me’ it is when I fire it up!  I don’t have to log in every time.   I have to believe some tech entrepreneur is going to make a killing soon by inventing a nifty way to do the elusive ‘single sign-on’ for people like me that log into dozens of different systems and applications every day for work.

What’s with the faceless rainbow-colored mannequin heads? I think Google should leave those out. Much more interesting to be a ninja or a space alien, not?


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