Wednesday/ technology fails

The Wall Street Journal of Wednesday listed the following 12 ‘tech fails’ as the most annoying –

Never-ending Notifications (messages)
Battery Life Is Too Short
Updates Bog Down Old iPhones
Waiting for Android Updates
Privacy as a Luxury
Printers Are Still Terrible
Die, Passwords, Die
Kickstarter Isn’t a Store
Inaccurate Fitness Biometrics
App Addiction
Email: Older, but Not Wiser
Baffling Bills

I highlighted my two un-favorites in bold. Passwords is a major nuisance.  I must log into the systems I work in a good 20 to 30 times a day.   The automatic lock-out typically kicks in after 15 minutes, and I cannot change it.  The abuse/ wrong is of e-mail is next on my list. Sending a Reply All message that says ‘Thanks’.  Or not replacing the subject of a forwarded message for an e-mail that is about something completely different !

IMG_7292 sm


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