Wednesday/ Lunar New Year 2015

IMG_7143 sm
Here’s a ‘hot pot’ : its broth is half-half spicy and not, and we ordered all kinds of goodies that you throw in and cook. We had tofu and mushrooms, dim sum, thinly sliced mutton and beef, and an assortment of vegetables.

We have three Chinese colleagues in our team, and therefore we ran out to the ‘Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot’* restaurant here in the city of Dublin on the east side of the Bay.  It is the start of the Lunar New Year 2015.

‘I love the arrival of the Lunar New Year’, I told my colleagues.  You just think the year is not new anymore, and then the celebrations of the Lunar New Year comes.

*As far as we could tell, it’s a coincidence that the name of the restaurant matches the Lunar New Year’s zodiac animal : the sheep.

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