Monday/ the Himalayan salt brick

These days we find food from all over the world in ourIMG_6525 sm grocery stores, but this Himalayan brick I spotted at my regular grocery store made me wonder : is it really from the Himalayas*?  Is it something like Turkish delight? (A pink confection made of a gel of starch and sugar). The answers : yes, it is from the Himalayas; it is a pure salt brick; no, it is not manufactured; it may in fact have been formed millions of years ago !  It needs to be tempered (warmed up) before its first use, and it can be re-used many times after that for serving up food such as sushi, or finely sliced meats.

*Am I putting my ignorance about food on display here?  I’m a pretty simple guy when it comes to food – but I would have the reader know my favorite kind of toast is one with Marmite and avocado, and my favorite veggies are Brussels sprouts and asparagus.

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