Tuesday/ are we done yet?

This is our last week on site for 2014 here at the project, and the Project Manager wants all – or he will settle for ‘most of’ – the specifications done – D.O.N.E. – by Friday. Are you done yet, with yours? he asked me today. Well .. define ‘done’, I hedged.   (Done could mean it’s complete but not reviewed, or it could have been reviewed but the review comments still need to be incorporated, or it could have been reviewed with comments already incorporated, and approved).  It’s always a challenge : is the specification complete enough and defined enough so that the developers can go ahead and code the conversion program, or the custom function that we want to create to extend the standard SAP functionality.

A ‘Task List’ is a set of work instructions that need to be done on a regular basis. Example : an annual inspection of the condition of a piece of equipment.  One of my specifications is to convert TasK List information from a legacy system into SAP.  The data fields have to be painstakingly mapped from the legacy system’s data structure, to the SAP data structure.

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