Friday/ Scrabble, in German

My enthusiasm for playing Scrabble against my iPad has not waned, and shows no sign of doing that.  In fact, I discovered I can switch to German, if I ever get tired of English (sadly, there is no Afrikaans on-line version of Scrabble).   The iPad comes up with words that make one say ‘Say whaaat? Are you sure about that one?’ .. such as TEEEI.  What is that? Then you realize it is TEE EI = tea egg,  just written together.  The others are PAAREM = a couple of (PAAR = pair), ESTER-N = plural of ester (a chemical compound), and YIN of course from ‘yin and yang’.   And check the bizarre combination of tiles on my rack : Q (with a U, luckily), X and the weird A with the umlaut.

IMG_3331 sm

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