Wednesday/ time flies (on a project)

11-13-2014 11-37-29 PM
Bloomberg Businessweek’s cover this week. It feels as if the vortex of time is sucking us into the future at an ever-accelerating pace.

I sat with our project manager on Wednesday, adding in tasks and milestones that stretched into January and February.  We are at that the time of the current year that those 2-0-1-5 digits look unreal.  They make one look back and ask : where did 2014 go?  We had all better jump at it if we need to do anything big and bold .. before it’s gone !

Bloomberg Businessweek projects that the US economy will grow at about 3% – not bad – and that Fed chair Janet Yellen will finally raise the federal funds rate from the zero it has been sitting on ever since 2008.   Europe and Japan will continue to struggle.  China will grow at 7% : a high rate but still a slow-down from recent years.

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