Saturday/ Edge of Tomorrow

11-2-2014 10-12-41 PM sm
Tom Cruise in his battle suit in Edge of Tomorrow.

Our Saturday night flick in the Gary Theater was the futuristic Edge of Tomorrow starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt (she’s British).  We liked the movie .. as someone said ‘It’s a great movie – and I’m not even a Tom Cruise fan’ (I am not, either).   It’s also a war movie – with the United Defense Force (somewhat as dysfunctional, just as the United Nations) against alien invaders called The Mimics.  The Mimics can reset time .. so there are sequences which are played over many times.  Remember Groundhog Day (1993)?  Or Guy Pearce with his amnesia in Memento (2000)?  There’s a little of both those in this movie.

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