Wednesday/ irritated eye drops

I developed a eye irritation that bothered me all IMG_5764 smWednesday – and that is hopefully just an allergic reaction.  So off to Walgreens.  The pharnacist recommended the standard Walgreens brand called ‘irritated eye drops’.  So 1. Why is the container pink? and 2.  Are the eye drops ‘irritated’?  Finally, as I tried to use the stuff, it turned out it’s in a little glass bottle. So it’s not possible to gently squeeze it to make a drop come out. I ended up shaking the bottle, making a number of drops fly out and hoping that one hits my eye. Or if they end up close enough to my eye, my eyelashes can pick some of the stuff and I can get it into my eye that way.  All of which makes more than my eye irritated.

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