Wednesday/ the SAP Plant Code

10-2-2014 8-17-03 AM
Here is where Plant Codes are set up in the SAP configuration menu. It’s not a matter of jumping in and doing it in 5 minutes! It takes many weeks of discussion and collaboration with the business to settle on what needs to be set up for the ‘enterprise’ as SAP likes to call it.
IMG_5517 sm
‘Complete Plant’ says this defunct neon sign at the dry cleaner by my house in Seattle. We’re actually headed back there with little local power plants (solar or otherwise) getting installed into new buildings.

We started configuring our new solution for our project on Wednesday.  Company Codes and Plant Codes are critical underpinnings of the whole SAP installation for a company, and one has to get these right to make the system work.   I can write a book about the SAP Plant Code and how it should be set up (but I will not do that here !).   The Plant Code is where lots of equipment are co-located – that the company uses to make stuff or to run its business.  How many to create, or where to draw the lines for separate Plant Codes is sometimes hotly debated !

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