Sunday/ the drones are coming (and crashing)

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The Phantom FC40 is a ‘quad copter’ drone fitted with a video camera and remote transmitter. It is powered by 4 AA batteries.  It’s not cheap, with a retail price of about $650.
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A white plane crash here in Capitol Hill? No, it’s actually a drone.   Yes – I’m sure the owner wants it back.  It’s a fairly expensive piece of high-tech equipment.

I noticed an unusual handwritten poster on a tree as I went for my walk to Volunteer Park this afternoon.  Not of a lost cat or dog, but a report of a ‘plane crash’.  A plane crash right here in Capitol Hill?  Would I not know about it? Well, when I looked up the DJI FC40, I saw that it is actually a drone. (I guess drone is a word with bad connotations, but maybe say ‘quad copter’ and not ‘plane’?).

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