Saturday/ iOS 8

[Source : from a post by Phil Lavelle]. Apple CEO Tim Cook is fighting off the Android from arch-enemy Google. That’s Phil Lavelle being bored by the new features in Apple’s phone (from his post).
The iOS 8 upgrade* of my iPhone and iPad went without a hitch. (I have to wait until I get home to do these things, because I cannot afford to make my phone inoperable while I’m traveling).

Android users point out that most of the ‘new’ features on the iPhone have been on Android phones for a long time.  Oh well, that’s alright. It’s still all new to me.   On the other hand some Apple fanatics say ‘It’s like getting a new phone’.  Well, yes and no.  A new phone would have a longer-lasting battery, for example.  I wonder if the new iPhone 6’s are any better that way.  Bigger screens eat up more battery power.

What I should still do is clean up (delete) all the silly Apps on my phone that I don’t use.  I have way too many of those!

*iOS 8 is the operating system of the phone.  It’s like upgrading one’s desktop computer from Windows 7 to Windows 8.

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