Monday/ namaste

IMG_4182 sm
A maharajah is a ‘great king’ .. this is the Indian beer we had.
IMG_4167 sm
Here’s the entrance of the Sherpa House Restaurant and Cultural Center.
IMG_4178 sm
Here is a nicely decorated wall in one of the dining rooms, with Buddha and the Dalai Lama.

I am in Denver again for the week.   My time of working on the project is coming to an end, though.  

Namaste is a very polite and respectful way of greeting people in Nepal, said the menu athe Sherpa House Restaurant here in Golden, Colorado.   (Golden is just north of Denver). The was a variety of Indian and Chinese dishes on the menu and we opted for a ‘house sampler’ that allowed us to try several of the foods with rice and with naan (Indian flat bread).  There was yak stew on the menu as well !   My Indian colleagues deemed the Indian dishes just ordinary but we all agreed the restaurant’s setting inside and the ambiance was great.

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