Monday/ a quintet at sunset

I have a little break from the travel to Denver this week, and so I could go for a walk after my work was done today.  It was a beautiful summer day (79 °F/ 26°C) and I ended up at Volunteer Park at sunset.   I believe (I’m a music barbarian!) the group of musicians I found there was a wind quintet.   From Wikipedia :  a wind quintet, also sometimes known as a woodwind quintet, is a group of five wind players (most commonly flute, oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon).  The term also applies to a composition for such a group.
Unlike the string quartet with its homogeneous blend of color, the instruments in a wind quintet differ from each other considerably in technique, idiom, and timbre.

IMG_3906 sm
Here is the scene at sunset in Volunteer Park in front of the Seattle Asian Art Museum. A quintet of musicians played for all of us right there and drew a smattering of applause now and then.  Look for the Space Needle in the distance, by the pink cloud. 

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