Tuesday/ no to Belgian waffles?

A Waffle House here in the USA with its characteristic yellow top and black letters.

We were supported to ‘boycott’ Belgian waffles* here in the USA today – a call also made by the premier purveyor of waffles here in the USA, the ‘Waffle House’ franchise.

*Because of the USA-Belgium soccer match – but per Wikipedia : What is known in North America as the ‘Belgian waffle’ does not exist in Belgium.  No single type of waffle is identified as a ‘Belgian waffle’ within Belgium itself, where there are a number of different varieties, including the Brussels waffle and the Liège waffle.

I did go down to the lobby to watch some of the USA-Belgium soccer match, then was stuck in a meeting when the three goals in extra time happened!  Belgium 2-1.  The USA played well, but the best team won, says people that know soccer.   Now can we go and have a waffle at a Waffle House?  I want one right now!

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