Tuesday/ the Cheese Bomb Incident

We had a team dinner tonight, and managed to steer clear of discussing work – for the most part.   We all have travel stories and consulting ‘war’ stories to tell.  We even retold – for those that did not hear it – one of the best ones, of the time one of our colleagues from Germany managed to clear everyone out of an entire Frankfurt Airport concourse in a classic cheese bomb incident.  (Here is a similar story I found on the website Mother Jones, where I borrowed the phrase from : cheese bomb incident).   He had bought a soft flavorful cheese in Russia, and at Frankfurt airport was questioned for the third time during his trip back about the suspicious substance in his carry-on luggage.  ‘Open your luggage’ please, said the security personnel.   Fed up, grumpy and probably feeling that’s he is German and should be trusted by his fellow citizens, he announced ‘Why should I? There is a bomb inside’.  Whoah.  Of course that triggered a major security alert, and everyone had to leave until the cheese was inspected properly.  (Cheese not only looks like plastic explosives, some cheeses have vapors similar to the signature vapors of explosives).   I don’t think our colleague spent time in a German jail, but he got in some serious trouble, alright.

IMG_2633 sm
The Denver clock tower on 16th Street was lit up in blue (violet?) tonight.  The restaurant where we had dinner was just a block away from it.

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