Friday/ EPNS, not ESPN*

IMG_2569 sm*ESPN is a television sports network here in the USA.

I brought a set of silver spoons back 047 smfrom South Africa : a gift from my mom (that belonged to my grand-mother).  While checking them out a little closer today, I noticed the letters EPNS-AI stamped on the back. Turns out the EPNS stands for electroplated nickel-silver and the AI stands for superior quality (the thickest layer of silver).  So how to clean silverware (made of silver)?  One way is to simply use a glass bowl lined with kitchen-grade aluminum foil, filled with hot water and ordinary salt.   The electrochemical reaction (exchange of electrons between the aluminum and silver) will clean the tarnish.  I also recall ‘Silvo’ that we used on occasion in my parents’ house – a mild liquid metal polish that originated in Britain at the turn of the last century.

IMG_2582 sm
The little silver spoons (tea, anyone?) with a dollar note to show their relative size.

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