Saturday/ a piece of (mousse) cake

Paul, Thomas and I went for dinner at the Old Bamboo Vietnamese Restaurant in Seattle’s International District.  It’s the new incarnation of the Spring Garden Restaurant, but in our estimation not quite as good.  Afterwards we went to a bakery-cafe to pick up some dessert.  I picked the red bean mousse cake. It reminded me of the red bean-filled buns I used to buy at the 7-11 in Hong Kong.

IMG_2528 sm
Here’s Thomas at the entrance of A Piece of Cake Bakery and Cafe in the International District.
IMG_2532 sm
Ready for dessert?  We all shared in the bounty.  Clockwise from the left : a slice of blueberry and yogurt mousse cake, a date and walnut pastry, a coconut pastry, and pieces of mango pudding mousse cake and red bean mousse cake.

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