Monday/ Do Be Evil, Google?

It’s Monday and I was off to Denver early this morning.  No rest for the wicked, as the saying goes!

I read about ‘The Silicon Valley Conspiracy’ in Bloomberg Business Week on the airplane. Only thing is, it was for real.  Over the past several years, Google, Apple, Adobe and Intel conspired to use their vast wealth and warped sense of entitlement, says Businessweek, to suppress the salaries of their programmers and engineers. They basically agreed not to hire away each other’s employees.   The $324 million that the companies agreed to pay to settle a class-action law suit, amounts to 0.4% of their combined total revenue for the most recent quarter.   That ‘Don’t Be Evil’ slogan attributed to the Google of yore is starting to look awfully tarnished.

siliconvalley 2
Here’s a fictitious (or not?) conversation that Bloomberg Businessweek speculates about : the late Steve Jobs & Eric Schmidt of Apple and Sergey Brin of Google colluding to suppress the salaries of their programmers.  (P.S.  Google Wave, a fancy souped-up kind of e-mail,  was a failure).

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