Tuesday/ Dad’s memorial service

It was a very emotion-filled day for the family,IMG_2044 sm starting with pulling together all the logistics for my dad’s memorial service : the flowers, the pamphlets to hand out, the tributes from my dad’s four sons each (that the minister was to read; we could not trust ourselves to do it), the refreshments to go with the tea for the guests, and the cash payments in envelopes for the staff at the church. But everything went without a hitch, and we took pictures of the family afterwards. ┬áThe four brothers together made for a rare picture : two from the United States, and one from Australia joining the one that is in Stellenbosch.

IMG_2616 sm
Do we look like brothers? It’s Piet, Willem, Martin and Chris from left to right.

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  1. Yes, you do look like brothers. A sad time I know, but hope you are sharing lots of good memories about your dad.

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