Monday/ forgot my green for St Patrick’s Day

IMG_1446 sm
‘Happy St Pat’s Day’ says the sign in the display case of the sandwich shop where we had lunch today.

I thought I was free and clear with an open seat next to me on the plane this morning, but at the last minute at 5.10 am, a middle-aged couple stepped on board filling the last two middle seats, one next to mine.  One could tell they were flying for maybe the first time. After getting up one time, the guy made himself at home on the jump seat in the exit row, even putting the seat belt on (that’s where the flight attendants sit).  Sure enough, only a minute or two, and he got chased back to his seat.

Later – arriving at the office in Denver, and seeing the other people, I immediately realized : where’s your green? Should have worn something green!  Groan.  (But not too big a deal). It’s officially St Patrick’s Day (even though there were parades and celebrations over the weekend already).

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