Monday/ a little spring

I made it out to Denver with my usual early Monday morning flight.   There was a pooch for a passenger across the isle from me, a service dog (black Labrador) on the way to Colorado Springs for training, I overheard her handler say.

Here in the city of Denver we had spring-like weather today. It reached all of 70°F (21 °C). But hold on!  .. there’s snow and a low of  18°F (-7 °C).in the forecast for Tuesday night in the forecast.

And still no word on the fate of the Air Malaysia flight MH370.  What a mystery to know so little on the 3rd day after its disappearance.

IMG_1376 sm
It was a beautiful spring-like evening here in Denver. The sun was just setting as we were heading out to have a bite to eat, at around 7.15 pm.
IMG_1376 sm 2
Here’s a picture from the Wall Street Journal that shows the likely area that wreckage from flight MH370 is expected to be found. It is a large relatively shallow area, at least compared to the waters that the Air France aircraft crashed into in 2009.

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