Wednesday/ working remotely

3-6-2014 5-50-41 PM
The pop-up window for Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Connection.

I can use my ‘Remote Desktop Connection’ to pull up my screen on the office computer in Denver, and access all the files and systems just as if I were there.   Yes, I have to ‘VPN’ in to do that – slang that we use for establishing and logging into a virtual private network first.   Confession : I don’t know how all this stuff works at the protocol level, I just use it.

So while I was logged in to Denver remotely yesterday, I saw that the morning had flown by and that it was 12.30 pm already.  Oh!  I’m hungry, I need to run downstairs and fix myself some lunch, I thought .. which I did.   Then as I was eating my toast and soup, I glanced up at the kitchen clock.  The real time was only 11.45 am.  The virtual world I was working in, showed Mountain time (Denver time) on the computer screen, which is an hour later than Seattle.

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