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So ’12 Years a Slave’ took best picture at the Oscars.  ‘Gravity’ won a slew of awards, a first for a science fiction genre type movie.  Here’s the selfie1 of Oscars host Ellen Degeneres (in front, in white) and a cluster of stars that easily broke the previous record of 778k2 for the most-retweeted3 picture.  At last count the picture had been re-tweeted more than 2.2m times.  The picture was taken by Bradley Cooper (in front) which is why Ellen notes in her tweet ‘If only Bradley’s arm was longer’.  Always a challenge when trying to take a selfie with a group of people around you!

Ellen also handed out pizza to the audience – with Brad Pitt’s help no less – and then borrowed singer Pharrell Williams’s hat to ‘collect money’ from the audience to ‘pay the pizza guy’.  Film studio executive Harvey Weinstein pitched in some money, as did Kevin Spacey.  (All for laughs, of course.  No doubt the pizza company jumped at the opportunity to serve pizza to an Oscar audience).


2This was of a picture of Pres. Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle with the caption ‘Four more years’ after his 2012 re-election.

3Retweeting is the taking of a Twitter message (or picture) that someone else has posted, and rebroadcasting that same message to one’s Twitter followers.

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