Friday/ those Canadians

Their secret weapon? A beer fridge in the Canadians’ Olympic quarters can be opened only with a Canadian passport. It is stocked with Molson Canadian, the country’s signature beer. [Picture from a tweet by Molson Canadian].
Hmm.  I see the Canadians beat the Americans in the women’s ice hockey final, and then today beat the USA men’s team as well.  I guess that gives them bragging rights.  So!  No reason to be rude to me the next time I stop over in one of their airports. (The customs officials seem to be rude to me almost every time I arrive there and show my US passport).

P.S.  I sat next to a young woman last night on the way in from Denver.  She had a cake that she was bringing to Seattle to celebrate her grandmother’s 96th birthday with her.  Wow! That’s good going, I said.  And she made a trip to Ghana and South Africa last year.  They went to the Kruger National Park and saw all big the ‘big five’ game animals : lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard and rhinoceros.

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